We had a team of 25 Americans come here for a couple days, a bit of a squeeze for accomodation. For yankees they seemed like an ok bunch of people, and did some good work here. We've had 4 teams now come here since we've been here, each has had something different to contribute.

Today Isaac felt a bit homesick for the first time (a few tears). Homesickness hadnt even crossed my mind (sorry to burst your bubble), Isaac was looking at some photos of some friends back in Aus, and that brought it on. He is really enjoying it here, but it can be tough without your close friends.

We went to the new school yesterday, and to my surprise the kids were fairly well behaved (unlike the last visit), and they could speak a little english, better than the last school. I think all the kids like our english program, no boring english  lessons with us, theres games, food, stories and songs. They may not learn any english, but at least they'll have a good time.