Why do children end up at Mercy International at the towns of Phrae, Petchabun & Khon Kaen in Thailand? I don’t feel at liberty to share individuals personal stories so I’ll keep it general. So some of the reasons children come to Mercy are:
  • Children are unwanted and abandoned, some leave them in the bush by the side of the road, others are brought to Mercy by their parents.
  • Parents may being dieing of Aids related diseases, and want someone to care for their children. (Aids is a big problem in Thailand, mainly due the amount of promiscuous relationships).
  • Either one or both parents have died, and can no longer provide adequate care for the child.
  • Some children are born from adulterous relationships or fornication, and in some cases families wont accept these children, and so they give their children to Mercy.
  • There are parents who are drug addicts, and cannot cope with raising a child and give their child to Mercy.
  • There is no social welfare in Thailand, the extended family provide support to other family members. Some poor families have no way to support additional children, and so children are given up.