There was a wasp nest attached to a leaf of a teak tree in front of our house. Nart removed the leaf to make the wasps go away. Holding the leaf with the wasp nest still intact, I was talking to Nart, and told him how I had seen a documentary called "Wild China", where 2 chinese guys followed a wasp to its nest in a tree, then smoked out the wasps, took the nest, and ate the larvae. They reckoned the larvae was a real delicasy. Before I had barley finished my story, Nart pops a larvae out of the nest and eats it. My first thought is this guy will eat anything that moves, my next thought is, maybe I should try one. So I grab a wasp larvae, and down the hatch. They taste oily and maybe a bit nutty, ... and yes I was a bit nutty eating them. But hey, they could be this awesome treat ready to hit the streets of Adelaide, and we just dont know what we are missing out on. Instead of a bag of mixed nuts, what about a bag of fresh wasp larvae. It almost has a good ring to it.
Well at least those wasps didnt chase us.

On a lighter note, today I gave a couple guys here a hair cut. Yes you need to be multi-skilled to come here. Im surprised they let me. I offered my hairdressing services to them once before, after cutting Isaac and Jeds hair but they refused. I didnt blame them really, I did a shocker of a job on Isaac and Jed. You can see their hair cuts on the picture gallery.