Today we went to visit the school we will be working at (few hours/week) over the next few weeks. We went to meet the principle and the English teacher.  It’s a small, poorer school; very old desks, cement floors, some rooms with fans, some without.  We took Isaac & Jed with us.  It was great for them to see a real Thai school. They liked coming out with us & being part of it.
Many of the students came past the “office” to see us and the boys. Jed was shy. Isaac just hated them staring at him and gave them is angry look.
 There was a group of grade 5 & 6’s having a music lesson (traditional Thai music & instruments) which we watched and Jed LOVED.  Isaac most of the time was just eager to go on their play equipment. 
Thankfully the boys were both wonderfully behaved during the meeting at the school and were invited to be part of the younger children’s class whilst we teach English.  At this stage, they’d rather stay here at our home and be looked after with the other children here, which I’m hoping will improve their Thai.  Fook who is their main little friend, speaks very good English so the boys (and us) are doing pretty well avoiding speaking Thai.  Sort of wish we were all forced into learning it!
We went shopping at the supermarket on our return from the school. Tried to order food at the Food Court but as usual we had the shop attendants laughing at us & themselves trying to work out what we wanted.  Sometimes we get it right, other times not.  We ordered what I thought was going to be ice creams for each of us but ended up with an ice and very sweet milk drink (maybe condensed milk) with a blob of ice cream on top.  I loved it, but not exactly what we thought we were going to get. Oh well, got to try something new.
Shopping for Thai food is inexpensive, western food is very expensive (donuts aren’t – maybe that’s where my extra weight is coming from).  We’ve tried heaps of new fruits. Isaac’s favorite is rambutans (sort of like lychee but sweeter) and Jed loves the pineapple.
We’ll update you on our adventure at the school later this week!