On our way to Bangkok, we stopped for lunch and a buddhist monk walk past, to whom I offered a Christian tract. He gladly accepted and wanted to talk. He said he was a Christian. So I asked him what a Christian was, to which he replied, "you need to turn the other cheek" and then tells me he once visited a church in America. I then shared with him the good news of the bible. That even though you, me and everyone on this earth has broken Gods commands, and since God is a just judge he must punish sin. But as God loves us so much, that he sent his son Jesus to take the punishment for our sins. Our response to Gods grace, is that we should repent (turn from our sin to God), and put our faith in Jesus, who’s blood was shed to take the punishment we deserve. The bible tells us there is no other way to be saved from Gods wrath but through Jesus. Our "good works" will not nullify our sins.
Many people may call themselves a "Christian", maybe even you, but a Christian is actually a disciplined follower of Jesus (AKA: Disciple).

Some people may think, "why try and convert some Buddhist monk to Christianity, he’s not hurting anyone, let him have his own opinion". There are several things wrong with this type of thinking.
Firstly, if a man with a serious disease was given some useless medicine, by someone trying to make money off him, and you knew he'd been tricked, you would want to tell that man the truth. If someone is following a lie, and you know the truth, it more loving to show that person the truth.
Also, if a blind man was about to step onto a busy road and get run over, would it be more loving to stop him, and help him the right way, or to just let him get crushed by a car. This monk is blind to the truth, and will be crushed under Gods wrath if he is not saved.
My prayer is that he, and you, would know Gods grace and also become a disciple of Jesus.