The accomodation at Kenting was great, so despite a couple days with on and off rain, there was plenty to do. We then got a beautiful sunny day and did a tour around the Kenting area, which was great. We really loved the national park, and the beaches and scenery was great. We all loved the beach, the water was on the cool side, so making sand castles and exploring the coral rocks hit the mark.
We only booked accomodation for half our trip, we thought we would have a better idea of where we wanted to go. So after 3 nights at southern Taiwan, we thought we would go back to Taipei, but would you believe everything seemed booked. We couldnt believe it, we did plenty of searches on different websites, but there was nothing available to fit the 4 of us in (cheap or expensive). So we looked into other towns, and as we had to go back to Kaohsiung to catch the bullet train, we checked there first, and most of that was also booked out, except some really expensive hotels. (Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan). So we went to breakfast in the monday morning not knowing where we would stay. I told our boys at breakfast, we dont know where we are staying tonight, but God knows. I felt relaxed about it from the night before after we talked about how we can trust God in everything. After breaky we had an extra check on the internet, and found a new place (opened 2 months ago) in Kaohsiung, for a awesome rate. So here we are, and this place looks awesome, its the best place we've stayed in. And the town has heaps for us to do as a family, we are right in the middle of town, the food is great and Lisa loves the shopping here, about the same price as Bangkok but heaps better quality. Im glad we didnt go back to Taipei. God knew where we should go.