We before we got to go out, we realised Jed was not well, he had a slight temperature, and all he wanted to do was sleep. So the first day in Taiwan for him and Lisa was spent in the hotel room. Isaac and I bypassed the shopping (which neither of us enjoy anyway) and found the underground train system (MRT) and went to the Taipei 101 building. This had the the tallest building in the world until, I think, Dubai built something taller. It was a great view up there, and the lifts were amazingly fast. Taipei city is very clean, and their public transport extremely efficient.

On day 2 Jed was feeling fine, which was good especially since we had planned to visit CSS (Christian Salvation Service), from whom we picked Jed up from when we adopted him. It was good to see them again. After that we went to the Taipei zoo. Their zoo is amazing. It is on a massive area, and exhibits are quite spread out over beautiful gardens. Isaac just wanted to see the snake exhibit, which was at the far end of the park, and felt like we walked for ages up a hill. Fortunately there was small bus/train to get us back near the entrance. The weather was great (about 24c) and sunny skys in Taipei.

Day 3 we caught the Bullet train from Taipei to the southern part of the Island. We are staying at Kenting, which is near the southern tip of Taipei. It has been quite windy down here and a bit of rain, hopefully it clears up, as the boys are itching to go to the beach.