Today, we enjoyed having a church service together with the staff and children. Some of the workers are not christians so it is good for them to hear join in and hear the good news that even though we have sinned against God, the creator of the universe, and we should pay for our own sins, God has been gracious and loving toward us, in sending His son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins, to meet Gods justice, and so we can enjoy eternity with Him.

Over the last few days there have been 3 snakes killed around our house, one of which was inside our house just prior to church this morning, Jed tried running through the screen door, bending the frame. So me and my trusty broom put the snake out of action, with a stiff whack on its back.

We went into town this evening, and pulling into the shops, we experienced probably the heaviest rain Ive seen. Not fun to drive in. We though it had eased and tried making a dash into the shops, only to fine the rain kept coming. My trusty thongs were not so trusty, when I aqua planed, taking a dive whilst carrying Isaac, but neither of us was hurt, but my reart end got even wetting landing in a puddle, (or was it a lake). We walking into the shops with a bunch of Thais sensibly waiting for the rain to clear, with us crazy Aussies walking in soaked, but we and they, had a good laugh.