Ive been helping to do the centres weekly shopping, being a chauffeur and lacky, with Dah our cook. Conversations are a bit wierd, as she talks only very little English, and I speak even less Thai. So she'll tell me a big spiel in Thai, I understand about 3 words out of what she says, I return conversation with a big spiel in english, and the look on her face is, she can only understand 3 words of what I said. I ask her a question and she'll smile and say "OK", but that in no way answers my question. So I try and say it in Thai, she attempts to pull out her english dictionary, then gives up and we continue in silence. Arrgh, yes I am trying but I just cant make the language sink in...yet.
Despite the frustration, we do manage to communicate enough to get the shopping done.

By the way shopping doesnt consist of just going Coles and getting it all, its more like going to an dodgy version of the Central Market, with the meat sitting out in the sun with flies on it. There are 2 "Coles" Type shops (Tesco & Big C) where we get milk and a couple other items, but these shops are much more expensive than the market, so off to the market we go. Even though I'm not one for going shopping at the best of times, the market is interesting, and a bit of an adventure.