On thursday we taught at the local school again, and they thought it was our last day there, but we are still there next week. They gave us presents, took photos of the principle giving us the presents, took photos of us and the staff and kids, and each of the kids wanted individual photos of us with them. We felt like movie stars, but it was really all a bit embarrassing. We told Tik (the Thai manager who interprets for us and leads the english program), that we think they think this is our last day. She said no, they know we are here for another week. We told Tik to check with them as we were about to leave, and yep they thought it was our last day...whoops. 

It was Yings birthday today, she turned 2. So Lisa made a cake and we all gave some presents. Tried to take a photo of her, but she was being very shy, and could not get one of her smiling.