Tommorrow we are off to Burma for a border run, which we need to do to get another stamp in our visa, so we can stay another 3 months in Thailand. Hopefully we'll get some good photos, as the scenery there is really nice.

Well today was a bit of fun. The village people (YMCA) came to House of Mercy, the politicians came, the press came, and some school kids came. A bit of ceremony, really to get House of Mercy known in Phrae. Even though they've been here for a while not that many people know we are here, as we are not in a town, we are in the sticks on a road to rice farms and more rice farms.

The kids all looked very cute in their Thai farmer costumes. Lisa and I just looked hilarious, not that I actually see the Thai farmers really wearing what we wore, we were more like the posh wanna be rice farmer. We actually were lent our clothes from a shop for the occasion, and were told not to get them dirty (how is that possible while planting rice in the mud???). Lisa got changed for her go at planting.

We often take for granted the food we get, and plants growing, thinking we make the plants grow. We plant and water things, but the scripture comes to mind "neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow". It is God who makes our food grow, it is God who breathes life into our mortal bodies, he is our provider, and sustainer of life. Who but God knows if your next breath will be your last. If it is your last breath, where will your soul go?