Well our last night in Thailand. From one perspective, it’s sad to be leaving but on the other hand when something like this happens I’m glad to call Australia home…
We thought we’d go down to our local street market here in Bangkok for a serve of a Thai noodle dish (Phad See Yu) . It was just a cheap eatery, the kind you probably wouldn’t eat at if it was your first time in Thailand. It cost around $3 for the four of us to eat.  We were sitting at the table eating, ants marching by our feet and being bitten by mosquitoes but we were enjoying our meal. Isaac was seated facing the back of the shop and part way through he says “What was that? It looked like a large rat or something”. He kept looking, and sure enough it was. That put me off the rest of my meal!
But that wasn’t enough to stop us buying dessert from one of the other street vendors. The boys had to have their last serve of roti with condensed milk and Harri & I had mango with sweet sticky rice and conconut milk – yum!