Today I (Lisa) had a few new experiences. It was “Police Day” today here in Thailand. It’s basically a Buddhist making merit ceremony. Monks come & pray for the police, people take food to the monks, give donations to the police. Anyhow, I was asked to go with Tik to represent Ban Meata (House of Mercy). Neither of us had been to a ceremony like this before and didn’t know exactly what to expect.  When we got to the local police station, there were monks chanting and people “praying”.  It was interesting for Tik & I as we are Christians and don’t have the same beliefs and were not taking part in the actual ceremony but just going to thank the police for their work as they regularly visit Ban Meata.  We sat at the back, but the police officers insisted we take seats of greater honour towards the front - we both thought great, just what we didn’t want. We just spent the time praying to our God .