On Monday evening we had a farewell BBQ at Ban Meata Phrae, and then on Tuesday morning we left. It was difficult to say goodbye, and there were plenty of tears. We drove to Ban Meata Petchabun, which is another centre run by Mercy Int. At Petchabun they have about 95 children, with a school on the adjoining land with about 1000 children enrolled from the local community and Ban Meata. In 2002 (?) we had stayed 6 months in the Petchabun facility and helped in getting the first school building ready to open. Its amazing to see how the school has grown. Isaac and Jed loved playing with all the children at Petchabun, especially having more children their age and older. So after 2 nights there, we left to go to Ban Meata Khon Kaen. It was good to see the children there, especially Sanya, whom we sponsor there. The Khon Kaen facility is right in the middle of Khon Kaen city which is a bonus, unlike Petchabun and Phrae, which are out in the sticks. We had a BBQ there last night with all the kids which everyone enjoyed. We left Khon Kaen this morning, and are now in our hotel in Bangkok looking forward to a rest.