We have finally made it to Phrae (after a long bumpy van ride). We are out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by rice fields, a teak forest, and mountains in the background. Spectacular. The facilities are excellent, although hot. At night it was a bit like sleeping next to the engine of a cessnar aeroplane engine, with the fans buzzing, but I would not dare turn them off. Our room is comfortable, and to our delight the boys have their own room (a massive room at that).  We are sharing a home with another single Thai lady (whom we know from previous visits) who works here, so we have access to a kitchen and lounge area which is great too.  The weather outdoors hasn't been too bad considering a week or so ago Phrae was hitting the papers with record heatwave of 43 degrees.  We have been praying for rain to cool things down - we have had some rain and the overcast sky has kept away the scorching heat.

The children here are great, they are aged between 1 and 4. They are just starting to warm to us.  There are also a few people here, who are now in there 20's, who we got to know on our last 6 month trip, when they were teenagers. They now work here in various roles.

They also have a pool here, which Isaac and Jed are very happy about. They got to have a swim this evening, with the other children.

The internet access is fairly slow, so not sure how often we will update the blog/post photos, but we will try at least once a week.