We had our real last day at the Kasong school today. We had lots of fun playing games with the children. It wont be the same for them going back to normal boring school work. We enjoyed teaching at that school, and we also had some good opportunities to share our faith with them.

Yesterday, we met the principal of the next school we will go to. When we got there the kids were all just running around wild. I dont know if it was just because we were there, or if its just a crazy school. We will find out next week. Isaac and Jed came with us, and they were like stars, with all the kids crowding around them. Isaac didnt like that much though, a bit overwhelming.

Whilst typing this, we just had a couple ultralights buzzing around over the top of us, it looked like lots of fun.

The village people (dont sing YMCA), have started planting rice in the surrounding fields, which looks great, will take some shots soon.