Yesterday at the school where we teach english, we were to have a visit from the Thai Education Department, who were coming to look at the school, and view those fine model teachers from Australia in action. One of which actually worked at the South Australian education department (DECS) ( ...ok so I was in I.T. and never saw a student, thats just a minor technicality). Anyway, the normal english teacher was there all dressed nicely and the kids must have been primed, as they were on such good behaviour I was taken back, as they are generally more ...unrestrained (saying it nicely). So we thought we would start with something that seemed like they are learning english (boooring), the education department people poked their heads in the door then walked on. We thought that was it, so onto the fun stuff. We were playing a game, that got a bit out of hand, with kids crashing into each other and making heaps of noise. At this point the regular teacher was looking rather nervous, but we kept going. Hey, the kids were having fun. Then I look up and the education department guys are looking in the door again, and realise why the regular teacher was so anxious. Ooops!