Jed has just turned the big 5 yesterday (Tuesday). He was very excited and enjoyed a visit to the games arcade and to swensens icecream shop, and of course his presents. His party continues tommorrow as we had a couple people absent from the centre the last few days so we are having another cake tommorrow for him and for Fook who also turned 5 on Sunday.

The boys are over their swine flu, except Jed has still had a bit of a cough (mostly at night). They slept in our room during their illness, but Lisa and I seemed to avoid catching it, other than a very mild sore throat and felt more tired than normal (but that is probably more lack of sleep).

Sorry I have been slack on putting updates on the blog as of late, its partly due to slackness, partly being too busy, part tiredness (and kids being sick), Ive havent been taking as many photos and also we've been in a bit of routine here, and I didnt want to make the blog posts mundane but a bit more interesting for you readers.