Isnt it Amazing…

Genetic DNA is written in its own language. Isnt it amazing that a single human cell has enough genetic information to fill 4 complete sets of the encyclopedia britanica (1 set is 30 volumes). This complexity is just for 1 cell, Im no mathematician but I’d say the random chance of that happening is 0.

Isnt it amazing that if all the genetic information in a person was connected end to end it would extend to the moon 552,000 times.

Isnt it amazing that genetic mutations reduce genetic information, not increase it.

Isnt it amazing that the Law of Biogenesis states that life does not arise from non-life.

Isnt it amazing that I ate venomous cobra and survived.

Isnt it amazing that the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that “Everything tends toward disorder”. This is in direct opposition to the Theory of evolution.

Isnt it amazing that the Big Bang Theory means there is a definite starting point for our universe, and the matter for the universe had to come from somewhere. Yet some scientists exclude God as even a possibility, as evolutionist Richard Lewontin said “we cannot allow a divine foot in the door.”

Isnt it amazing that when we see a painting we know there was a painter, if we see building we know there is a builder, so when we see creation we know there is a creator.

Isnt it amazing that the bible is supported by true scientific facts. But today, it is hard to distinguish scientific facts as many theories are taught as fact.

There is a God !