So Nart and Jain cooked up the snake that was found stuck in the dam this morning. Nart used his sling shot to kill the snake, then once out of the water a few more hits with a stick just to make sure. Yai kept the skin, and Nart used his trusty meat cleaver to mince it up.
So what did it taste like? Well just like dog. ...just kidding folks, dog is much more chewy.
The flavour of the dish was nice, but I asked Jain, what the hard bits were in the dish, thinking there were some nuts mixed in. He said bones. They didnt debone it, just chopped it up into mince bones and all.
By the way does anyone know if it is safe to actually eat cobra? I guess if you dont hear from me soon, I recommend not trying it yourself. Actually Im feeling woozy now, short of breath, ...must .... get ..... help.... arrrrgh.....

Ok parents, dont panic, Im fine.
Oh and if your wondering, No I have not tried dog.