We went to visit the Grand Canyon this afternoon. No not that grand canyon, this is more the baby canyon, but was worth a visit. We all enjoyed it. We stopped for an icecream by the canyon, and it still amazes me how the Thais all look at us, and you can hear them talking about us too. I feel a bit like a freak show. They often talk Thai to Isaac and he hates it and used to always just give them an angry look, but we told him to be a bit more friendly, and now will sometimes say hello to them in Thai. A couple pics on our picture gallery of the Thai grand canyon.

We stopped for some Thai Roti on the way home at the local market. Its like a flaky pastry with condensed milk poured over it and rolled up. Mmmmm.

The weather here has been nice over the last few days. Its been overcast, and had a bit of rain.