Scrub fires in Thailand during this time of year are an everyday occurrence. People light up all the dry grass, and there are many small fires everywhere. The sky can be very hazy at times. (Yes, this is all a big no no in Aust.).
Today we were all having lunch, and we could seek the neighbours paddocks were on fire, but the fire was a fair way off. John commented how he does this each year, and the smoke blows through the houses here at Mercy. A bit further into lunch, we could see the flames getting a bit closer, but no one was really concerned, and we just finished our meal.
Then before you knew it, the fire was getting a bit too close for comfort, and we called the fire brigade. The flames came within meters of the buildings, as we stood there with our hoses, and the fire brigade turned up to help. Then once we could see the fire near the houses were under control, we were back out laying blocks in the smoke for a new admin building.