Well it was great to have Mum and Bill visit us in Thailand, but we're are still waiting for the rest of you to visit us. We went to Bangkok, Phrae and Chiang Mai with them, hopeing to show the many tourist attractions, but what did they do instead? Shop. I never new my mum liked shopping so much.
It was great to spend some time with them, and mum even got to do some sewing here in Phrae. Yes, if she sees a sewing machine, she gets sewing cravings. But it was a real blessing to have her recover a couple lounge chairs. Bill got to use his many talents to assist us in making some childrens play equipment, and to do a bit of plumbing. Bill also showed a couple of the Thais how to use fishing lures, and then the Thais showed Bill how to actually catch a fish. But after all the time they spent in Finland and then here I bet they're glad to be home.
By the way Bill even tried eating a fried bug. I tell you, it wont be long before you see a McBug store open in Australia! Nart has set up a light outside to attract some bugs tonight, I think we will have a fiesta of fried bugs tommorrow.