As sometimes happens here there was a slight lapse in communication, and the new little boy was actually a new little girl. She is 1 years old and very little and very cute (see our picture gallery). She had here first swim in the pool here, and of course Lisa was quick to assist in looking after her there.

Isaac and Jed were given a special Thai Farmer costume, in which they look really cute. It was given to them for Friday's first rice planting celebration here. The students in Thai schools wear a different uniform each day, and this is also one of the uniforms they wear. Isaac and Jed think they are Thai kick boxing outfits which they thought was really cool. But I just gotta watch out for all those kicks and punches that come with it.

We have had some great electrical storms here, with loud crashing thunder and lightning. There are plenty of crying kids as a result. Fortunately like me and Lisa, Isaac and Jed love it. Great to watch.