I finally have my laptop back, yippee, so I have uploaded a few pics.

We have taught a couple lessons of english at the school, which has been great fun for us and them. We got the kids eating vegemite on bread, which most actually really enjoyed. We are teaching 2 half day lessons a week, and we make the lessons lots of fun, so the kids really enjoy it. We are also able to share some bible stories as part of the lesson, which is a good introduction to the only saviour, Jesus. There are about 30 children, aged 10-12 in the class. This is actually half the school, as its only a small school.

We have seen 3 elephants around the place this week. On the way back from school last week, we saw a guy taking his pet elephant for a walk, as you do. Then one at a local market, and another going for a walk on the way back from the market.

Suwan caught a lizard yesterday, which Jain cooked up with some chillies. I tried it with some sticky rice. The taste, ...well, all I could taste was chilli. Nart caught a snake stuck in one of our Dams this morning, so guess whats for dinner!

At the local market, we found some bugs for sale. I thought great my opportunity to try some bugs. I didnt want to eat it there just in case I barfed and offended the guy selling them. Nart tried them and said these ones didnt taste that great. But we brought them home, and with all good intentions to try them, I smelled inside the bag, and nearlly threw up just smelling them. They really stank. So I gave them miss, and will need to build up some more iron in my stomach, tolerance to the smell. I am still determined to try some, and will only accept heckling from you if you have eaten bugs yourself. The guys here have tried to attract some bigs bugs here, to catch and eat, but they havent been successfull as yet, only catching a handful, not enough for a meal. (Im actually kinda glad about that, ...yes Im procrastinating.)