We went to Burma/Myanmar to update our visa's on the weekend. We thought it had a different feel to Thailand, maybe just because we are used to being in Thailand now, but we both thought Burma was less safe, the people we sadder and just felt darker. Many people there (at the border) spoke Burmese,Thai and some English as there are many tourists crossing the border there. I was able to give out some tracts and share the good news of Jesus with a shopkeeper. That country needs help. There are many beggars on both sides of the border, which is a sad sight. Some parents send there kids there to beg as they know people will feel compassion for them. Please pray for the Burmese people.

The mountains surrounding the border are amazing, unfortunately it was raining most of the time we were there so we didnt get many photos, so I guess you'll have to go and see it first hand !