We had another Aussie team this week, who did some great work around the property. But best of all they cooked a BBQ, which tasted like the BBQ's back in Aus. We had hamburgers and shazliks, Mmmm.

Our boys have got swine flu at the moment, we think from another boy they played with at a ballpit they have in the towns toy library. Isaac was the first down (on Tuesday), and had a very high fever and a sore throat, but thanks to God his fever has gone, and is on the improve. Jed then got it, and was pretty crook last night, but today seems better in himself. Lisa and I did get a very very mild sore throat, but that came and went, and we are fine (just a bit tired from lack of sleep). We have been keeping ourselves in isolation from all the other kids here, so hopefully no one else gets it. Keep praying for our good health.