My mum and father-in-law came to visit us in Thailand, on their way to Aust. after their holiday in Finland. We traveled down to Bangkok on the train last week to meet them. We knew the trains ran a bit late here, and as a train pulled up about 1/2 hour after it was scheduled, we hoped on board. Someone was sitting in our seats, so we politely asked them to move after we showed our tickets. (we wouldnt have minded, but we wanted 4 seats together with our boys). Whilst travelling the ticket collecter checked our tickets, handed them back, looking puzzeled asked to see them again, then we find we are on the right seats but on the wrong train. We were on the slower train to bangkok (fortunately the right direction), so we hoped off that train at the next station and when ours arrived we got on that. It was great seeing a bit more of the Thai countryside travelling on the train.

We have never really liked Bangkok that much due to it looking so dirty, breathing sewer smells walking the streets and the busyness of it. But this time it we enjoyed it a lot more. Though there is a stark contrast between the rich and the poor. You see the shanty shacks of the poor, the beggars on the street, and then see some amazing affluent shopping centres, expensive cars etc.. Something is just not right there!

We are back at Phrae for a couple days, but will drive to Chiang Mai on the weekend to see Mum and Bill off at the airport.