The day after getting back from Taiwan, we began harvesting the rice in our backyard here. It was fun for a few minutes to say I'd given it a go, but I could see it was hard work. By lunch time, I was had it, I was tired and my back was sore from bending over. But there was a little old lady (whom Mercy helps sometimes with food parcels, and Lisa and I also have visited at her house), who was there also helping. She was about 60 years old, small in stature, old and frail (looked about 90 from working outdoors all her life). I wanted to have a sit down after lunch (a looong extended sit down - actually lay down), but she was straight back into it. I couldn't stop now, and be outdone by this lady. So back out there I went. I tell you, I slept well that night. The cut rice has been left there to dry this week, and will be separated from the chaff tommorrow, and sent somewhere for processing.

Lisa has been learning MYOB accounting package this week and entering a back log of accounting data this week, so Isaac & Jeds school principal (me), became the school teacher. It was a good excuse to rest after harvesting rice. I have had fun doing that, and I thing they have enjoyed it too.

John and Sharon (the current leaders at Phrae) are off on leave for the next 6 weeks, so we will take some of their responsibilities. Hopefully we have a smooth 6 weeks, but please remember to pray for us.