Tommorrow a new 1 year old baby boy will be arriving here. Dont know his name or anything about him yet, but Im sure he will be well loved by all the staff and other children here. Please keep him in your prayers. We will post a photo later in the week.

About 5 meters from our back window, the ground has been ploughed up and ready for rice planting, this will be done later this week. A lot of people from the area are coming to help plant the rice, as it is to help the children at House of Mercy. Also the local govenor is coming with his enterage, and Im sure the local press will follow him to make it all seem grand. So hopefully next friday, I will give rice planting a go. Im sure it will be fun ...for the first 5 minutes.

I have tried to not mention crazy food in this blog entry, but I just have to mention our "Last Supper" at the school. It was our last day at Nalam school and they normally give us lunch and its really nice. This time as it was being dished up, at first I saw noodles and thought "Great I love noodles" and then they opened the lid of "That Bowl". I was then thinking "Oh Ohh, thats my bowl there putting that stuff in. What is it. I dont want to be rude and refuse it." At this point our interpreter Tik, read my mind and told to them to not give us the black stuff. My bowl was then swapped with regular teachers bowl. We asked Tik what it was, and she said is was congealed chickens blood. Im sure you wondered when I'd get there, but yes thats where I draw the line.