Little Freddie broke his arm the other day on the trampoline, I think someone landed on him. They thought it was a sprain, but was still sore after a couple days, so they took him to the Docs, and xrays showed it was broken. But he's still smiling and eager to get back on, though it took a couple days to get used to the cast.
In the meantime we have been making more arm breakers for the kids, with new play equipment (see photos), most of it is still under construction, as like a lot of things here, projects get partly completed then we move onto something else. I find that a bit frustrating as I like to see a job fully completed.

By the way the rice plants now have rice seeds on the plants. I guess it wont be too long until harvest. Though I also hear, rats tend to become a bit more plentiful around harvest time. Pleeease, no rats for dinner!