After 7 weeks away, we were glad to have John and Sharon back from their time away, so we could hand the managment back to them. It was a well deserved holiday for them.

Ezra is doing great. We're all still loving his smiles & laughter.  He looks like he's getting ready to crawl soon.

We went along to another Thai church last Sunday with Nart & Ying (two workers here).  They enjoyed it and so did we. It was good to be part of a larger group worshiping God together.

It was "Children's Day" here a couple of weekends back. The whole group of us went to the local sports stadium for a fair. We went separately as Ezra was having a sleep when the others left.  We had so many people looking at us there - two westerners with 3 asian children and a very large pram which is an uncommon sight here in Phrae.

Yesterday we drove to Burma once again to do our final border crossing to fulfil our visa requirements.

Less than two months until we return back to Aus.  It'll be hard to leave everyone here, especially Ezra as we've spent so much time with him lately.