You might remember Jeab from an early blog entry. She is a lady who is HIV+, blind and crippled, and lives on her own. Lisa had promised that we would go back to visit as a family. Finally, we visited her together. The boys were amazed at her tiny, rickety “house”, which is really a few bits of termite eaten wood slapped together, with a tin roof.

One of her daughters had previously lived in a house next door with her grandparent. The grandparent has since died and now no-one lives next door. It’s amazing to think that Jeab waits for people to come visit and help and yet manages to live from day to day pretty much on her own.  Her daughter still visits most nights to make her dinner.

Lisa told her that we’ve been praying for her and explained that God is her creator and wants a relationship with her and that he can give her the hope of eternal life after this physical life ends. At this stage Jeab was not ready to enquire further about God but we continue to pray for her healing physically and spiritually.