On Thursday arvo, I drove down to bangkok, with a couple of the staff, to pick up 2 boys, a 2 month old and the other boy is about 2. We were told he was 14 months old, but found from his paperwork he is actually a 2 year old. I dont know how to pronounce their names yet, so I wont try typing them yet. Also Thai's seem to have multiple nicknames they go by, so I may find they give him a new nickname thats easier to pronounce. The older boy was very inquisitive. We stayed at Rob & Jeans apartment in Bangkok, and it was not very child proof. The older boy was running around trying to touch and grab everying he could. There were too many breakable things in there, so we got out of there as quick as we could, and straight back to the car with him to come back to Phrae. On the way back, we stopped at a petrol station, and got out to stretch the legs, and the boy saw some roosters and started chasing them. Dont know what he'd do if he actually caught one. So back in the car with him.

From what we understand, the two new boys come from the Bangkok slums. Their mother is supposedly a drug addict and their young father couldn’t cope with the two children.  The grandmother couldn’t look after them/didn’t want them either.  The 2 year old is very rough and it’s obvious he hasn’t been shown much love and discipline but with God’s help they will now be loved, accepted and have a new start to life.

Now the drive to Bangkok from here he very straight forward, until you actually get to bangkok, thats where the fun starts. We got to bangkok just after 8 pm, and didnt get to the apartment until just before midnight. We were lost for about 3.5 hours. The roads are crazy, there are overpasses over overpasses, winding this way and that. Its a twisted mish mash of concrete for miles. We stopped to ask about 6 people for directions, all would be helpful, but when someone says something basic like turn right 100m down the road. You need to ask, which 'right', in bangkok there may be 3 'rights', and once you start turning, the road splits to another few roads, Aaarrggh! As I was driving, I will just blame my Thai navigator, and she will blame the directions she was given. But we got there in the end.
Then in the morning we had get out of bangkok, and yes we managed to find the long scenic way out again, but, not as long as the night before.