Well we have had a busy couple weeks, managing staff, organising christmas activities, looking after baby Ezra, and running on broken sleep. I am trying to get this blog entry written before baby awakes.

On christmas day we went to a park for a picnic, with about 70 poor children from local villages, we played some games with them, gave them lunch, had a clown show, gave them a present and most importantly shared with them why we celebrate Jesus.

On the 26th, our christmas celebrations continued with the staff and children of Mercy, with church in the morning, and we learned about the greatest gift (Rom 6:23), eternal life through Jesus. Then the children opened some of their presents. We then had a water fight, with water balloons, buckets etc. Then after lunch we had about 10 ultra lites fly overhead and drop some lollies/treats for the kids. Then in the evening we had a party here, which was lots of fun for everyone.
Today, we have Lisa and a few others going to a school to give a christmas party to a couple local schools, so I have baby sitting duties (I think it would have been easier going to the school).